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There are two styles of ballroom dance, American and International. American is more social, but is also competitive; International is more competitive, but is also done socially. We want to educate the student to the differences in these styles.

Our goal at Ballroom Dance In Frederick, is to provide the student with a philosophy of movement, and the tools and foundation to make dance decisions on the dance floor. To be able to go in different directions with their dance and still be successful.

Students spend time, money and effort learning how to dance, at Ballroom Dance In Frederick we want you to have a quality experience, and provide you with the necessary tools to be able to dance. Being able to learn a dance pattern is not all there is to dancing, proper footwork, rhythm, correct leads and ability to follow is also important to feel comfortable to yourself and your partner, and for your dancing to be smooth and pleasurable on the dance floor.

At this studio we have a program that people move through. The student starts with Beginning Waltz, Fox Trot and Swing. The group class runs for 4 weeks, 1 hours per week. After this class, students move into Beginning Cha Cha, Rumba and Tango for 4 weeks.

Level 2 builds on these rhythms by adding more patterns and increasing your comfort level on the dance floor.

In Level 3 we only work on two dances per month and introduce more technique into the movement. The student is in 3rd Level for 6 months moving through each dance two times. It is at this time that the student is solidifying and completing the Bronze Level of the six core dances.

When students are in 3rd level, their 5th month of dancing, the workshop classes of Samba, Hustle, Merenque and Mambo open up to the students. By this time, the student is ready for new rhythms. The first level of these workshop classes run relatively fast, as many of the patterns are patterns that we were introduced to in the beginning levels, we are just transposing the patterns into the new rhythms.

Level 4 begins the Silver Level steps. These steps begin to feel and look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and also need more technical expertise to execute the patterns..

In 5th Level we begin the International Style of Dancing, this style is seen on PBS Ballroom Dance Championships and Dancing With the Stars. The Style is not dramatically different from American Style, in some cases we use the same patterns, but because of the body contact, technique is essential, but in the lower level classes we have been building up to these advanced classes.

In 6th Level we continue with the International Silver and Gold Level material in all 10 dances, working on two dances each month. This class may break at times from the syllabus, engaging in rhythm changes and choreographic material. Because we only work on each dance once every 5 months, it is essential that you are practicing the material, dancing the material at dances, and consistently coming to classes. We always want to move the classes forward, if we need to re-teach material already presented, we are unable to progress. Expectations for this class are the ability to execute heel turns, by lead or follow; execute a spiral, by lead or follow; understand the differences between a natural and reverse turn, understand and use rotation as it applies to turning, outside partner positions, and promenade positions; be able to hold a frame; understand and execute body swing; understand spatial orientation; and engage in private lessons.

Invitation Only, this class utilizes the syllabus patterns, but also uses choreography and rhythm changes to develop routines. If you do not have a good grasp of 6th Level, you will have a difficult time in this class.

As you move through our program, the expectations become greater, the patterns more difficult. If you have not gained the information in the lower level classes there are some options. You can retake a level and/or schedule some private lessons to work on any issues that you may have.

The group classes are definitely the way to start, learning patterns inexpensively, meeting new people and working on lead and following skills.

When you move into a new level, you will be faced with new challenges, new concepts, and new patterns. Do we look for you to grasp everything right away? No. However, if you are continuing to have a difficult time mastering the concepts in the class you are in, you do yourself a disservice as well as those in class with you, if you continue to move into higher level classes without seeking out some help. We have no problem with students trying classes out, but there is no problem if you feel as if you are out of your league. Please talk to your instructors or Denise if you are unsure as to where you should be.

We also offer workshop classes in technique, styling, music (Do You Hear What I Hear), What My Partner Needs From Me, Dance Performance, Showcases, and Dance Endurance.


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