Denise J. Mayer; BFA, CTRS, AISTD


Ways to Learn at the Studio

Group Classes
  1. For socializing and meeting other people
  2. For learning to lead and follow
  3. For learning steps inexpensively
Private lessons
  1. For working out issues you may be having in class
  2. For polishing your dancing
  3. Everyone should think about taking a private lesson once every 4-6 weeks. In group lessons we are not able to dance with people, we are here to demonstrate and teach the pattern, to look at where the universal problems are and address them. In private lessons we dance with the lady and the man to determine how you are leading or following and work out those issues.
Dance Parties
  1. At a dance you are putting all the elements together
  2. Because you are hearing a Waltz, Cha Cha, Fox Trot, Rumba, etc., one after another, you get to identify, more readily, the differences among the rhythms.
  3. There is no way getting around it, if you do not use it, you will lose it. You get 2 regular dances included in your tuition, you must use the dances in the month in which you get them, no stockpiling dances. Most of our dances are regular parties, even when there is a theme. We will let you know if we are having a special party with a special cost. The idea is to get you here so you learn and begin to solidify your patterns. An evening of dancing the basic Fox Trot six times,and you will be ready for a new pattern!
  4. We turn the lights down, no one can see a thing. We serve soda, pretzels and popcorn. You can BYOB, but most people find that they cannot drink and dance.
Practice Parties
  1. Tuesday evenings started when people came in and complained that they had no place to practice, they did two steps and were in the kitchen sink, they did two steps and they were into the coffee table. People needed to have a larger space to practice. Denise opened the studio.
  2. The practice party is not to be used as a private lesson or for questions. It is like a study hall
  3. Some of the upper level students will be happy to “refresh” your memory, but this is the time for you to stop the music, work through the steps on your own, slowly, then try to dance them up to speed.
  4. The practice party is Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. The cost is $5.00 per person, you come in, sign in at the desk and leave your money
  5. We have a playlist on the corner of the table, in case you cannot identify the rhythm of the dance.
  1. Classes – Casual – jeans, shorts. Shoes are important, no rubber soled shoes, gym shoes, sling backs or open toed shoes. Leather bottom shoes, with a closed toe and as thin a shoe as possible. We use dance shoes here, they have a suede bottom that allows us to hug the floor when we need to hug the floor, and slide when we need to slide. We know what the floor is supposed to feel like with dance shoes, there are no surprises. However, when the shoes get wet, from spillage on the floor or people coming into the studio with wet shoes, this causes the foot to stick to the floor, so we ask that you bring your street shoes to class rather than wear them. We do not expect the beginners to go out an purchase shoes, but when people get into 3rd level, their 5th month of dancing, we strongly encourage investing in a pair of dance shoes, by this time the student has made a small commitment, and they need the equipment to perform the dance more efficiently.
  2. Parties - We ask that you dress higher end of dressy casual, lower end of dressy. Once a month we have a Come As You Are Dance, and people can come in Jeans or shorts, etc.
Make-up Policy
  1. If you had a bad day, a slight headache, please try to come to class, as we build on the previous weeks material, and usually, once you get here, you forget what a bad day you had or the endorphins kick in to get rid of the headache.
  2. However, if you have a family emergency, business travel, 103 fever or you are in those first 2-3 days of a bad cold, do not come in.
  3. The first 2 levels are very structured. If you miss the 3rd class, you want to come the following week, you will be a little discombobulated, but each week we review the previous weeks patterns before moving into the current weeks patterns. The 4th week of class is very important, that is where everything comes together, so if you are having a difficult time, you still want to come, as we only teach one step in fox trot, you have all the other steps and it begins to make sense.
  4. When a pattern is introduced, we take it apart and tell you about every aspect the pattern, in subsequent weeks we just review the pattern, not teach it. We want you to fill in the gaps, so if you miss a class, come in the following month and make-up the class you missed


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